Wednesday, 27 November 2013

I heart you

Crop top, Pants: Wink, Koregaon Park
Bag: Cupidity
Sunnies, Rings: Blur
Necklace: All That Glam
Shoes: Much More

This could easily be one of my most laid-back outfits with the right amount of chic. While I've been digging crop tops (hell, even if it's winter) and comfy pants this winter, I'm satiating myself by hunting down quaint little stores in Pune that stock up on quirky pants and cute blouses. I've been a safe dresser on the blog for quite a while now, so it's about time to get adventurous! I thought crop tops were never meant for me, but things are about to change. (Especially with the heart prints taking over my mind.) I've worn cobalt blue pants earlier on the blog here, and these pair only add to my favorites.

Aaand. It's ridiculous how white shoes / bags are so underrated. If there is anything that adds instant chic to an outfit, nothing's easier than a pair of white shoes, or a minimalist bag like this studded Cupidity sling. (Psst. I bought these shoes only to complement the white sling. Perfectly badass couple no?) 

Also, I'm on the verge of giving myself a generous shopping ban. Let's take up the challenge! ;) 

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Ice and spice

Jacket via
Top - Splash
Denims - Zara
Pumps - Zara
Bag - Cupidity
Necklace - All That Glam
Rings - Blur, Ayesha

Being a savage online shopper, it should be no surprise when I tell you that I had once picked up a pretty tribal print skirt from (almost a year back or more! I still use it, and it's still as fresh as new). Since then, the brand has grown into one marvellously chic store with a twist. You see all kinds of printed pants, skirts and some particularly drool-worthy dresses; all at prices your bank balance will love. What's more? They update their collection every 15 days! Is there a better inspiration to shop? ;) promises a 24 hour shipment, alright. But oh, what a surprise, I received my parcel  (a nifty little box with the cutest packaging ever.) within 24 hours of placing the order! Putting all this aside, the product quality truly overwhelmed my expectations; fitting is a sensitive issue when it comes to blazers, bottom wear and such. And I was thoroughly happy with the fit and quality of the product. Needless to say, I  see myself picking up even more clothing from now. :) regularly hosts some amazing contests and currently even has fun offers for you to grab. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Signature Pune Style Week: Part One

The last weekend was charged with fashion, and haute couture from eminent designers was the reason. Monapali, Nitya Singh, Rocky S, AD Singh, Mumtaz Khan and Riyaz Gangji were some of the designers showcasing their creations at the Signature Pune Style Week held at Hyatt Regency, Pune

Although I couldn't attend all (that's totally my bad luck considering I stay 10 minutes away from Hyatt), I did get lucky enough to catch some of the amazing collections being showcased at the Signature PSW. The first show I could watch was AD Singh, who is well-known for bridal couture and his unfettered infatuation with Swarovski crystals. And I was easily enamoured by his collection. Personally I loved how beautifully he used his obsession with Swarovski. Favorited!!


Saturday, 20 July 2013

Budget Buys: 7 Ultrachic Budget Bags to Complete Your Wardrobe

Sometimes when I fantasize think too much about shoes, I dream of them at night. And these dreams, mind you, are lavish ones. Ever been to a library with a wall full of books? Just the same, but the books replaced with shoes. Oh that's wild. :-3

BUT! If they're cute bags we've a fixation over, we ladies know only the best. TO BUY!!

While all of us are facing MAJOR bank balance crunches, courtesy the sale period, there is an easy (temporary? maybe) way to satiate the arm candy fetish.

7 Gorgeous Bags. ALL Under INR 1400/- .


Espelho Rust Sling Bag @ INR 1100
This is a no-brainer pick if you want something that'll complement even if you're wearing a tin. More details here

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Customize your clothing 101

The key to creating the perfect look is the age-old fact of dressing by body type. And when you decide to get your clothing customized, there's nothing better than having a Custom Clothing 101 to refer to. Make the most of your height, weight and body shape; conceal the problem areas. Get those facts on necklines, sleeves and silhouettes right.

Yours truly has written a little guest post for the amazing guys at the The Style Blog; a blog under (their very own shopping portal, you must NOT fail to check out) that delivers interesting style tips and crazy DIYs. Discover a compact custom clothing guide for you to refer. You can check the post out here

Don't forget to sign up for their newsletter; you get an instant 1000 INR off on your purchase at their store! How cool is that?
You can even download a PDF of the cheatsheet, click here to download.

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Friday, 12 April 2013

Style Spectrum Online Pop-up Store

Style Spectrum cordially invites you to the 

Style Spectrum Online Pop-up Store

Sail in sexy statement pieces, chill in the summer heat with juicy oranges, gorgeous greens and cool toned fuchsias. Order NOW to make the most of these limited pieces!

View the collection:

RSVP please:

Friday, 5 April 2013

Eva Danielle India: The Launch

The Eva Danielle Launch event was one fashionable evening charged with cupcakes and couture. Eva Danielle, our new favorite designer, who's based in Miami, has launched her first store in India, at the Phoenix Marketcity, Pune. Bohemian and feminine, Eva's collection is a crisp approach towards inspiring chic and pro-chroma couture, here in India. The flagship store being in Miami, Eva Danielle has spread out to 10 different countries worldwide.
Eva Danielle has been a hot favorite among celebrities like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Pamela Anderson and the like.

The store at the Phoenix Marketcity, Pune

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Jewelry scavenging @ The Street Fest

I chanced upon The Street Fest at the Pheonix Marketcity Pune, while on a stroll, window shopping. (Window shopping, yes, such a mind-booster!) It was a riot of delicious cupcakes, foot-tapping music and of course a host of creative designers and stores, all set to turn you into a greedy little monster. I also realized that it's a good thing to have your weapon with you at all times (of course, the camera).

Some gorgeous earrings at the Angootha Chaap stall by Rishika Dossa. My oh my, wasn't I tempted!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Are you summer-ready?

Summer's all about bold, extravagant hues; vivid florals, neon nails, flouncy hats and vintage bling. Here are 7 random summer essentials to get you started for the season!

It's the cardinal rule of summer makeup. A lipstick fanatic like me is virtually crippled without bright lips this summer. Say hello to bold pinks, oranges and pretty neutrals, and kiss burgundies and maroons goodbye. And embrace matte lipsticks, like these truly AMAZING matte versions by NYX, for long-lasting and summery colors.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

5 Must-have Organizers

We ladies, unlike our male counterparts, have a preposterous number of  lipsticks, baubles and whatnots; They may be seemingly unassuming BUT organizers have always been cardinal in helping women keep their cool. ;) 
And then there are these go-to ones your dresser (walk-in, if you're that lucky) cannot should not do without. 

Hold your everyday makeup / most used makeup in a basic tray. You can also pick a tray with compartments for easier storage. If you're an always-late person like me, this might help things get better; maybe your boss will like you more.

Why of course, you can have a blush bar too. Store what you hoard the most (and are most likely to misplace) in a neat holder that you can easily locate.
P.S. Now I want a blush bar!

I'm not exactly a nail varnish lover/hoarder; But everyone has their go-to colors, don't they? Save one of those dessert bowls to hold the ones you most often use. Others to get tucked nice and safe elsewhere in a maybe a Chumbak tin.

Hand-me-downs from mother/grandmother. Coax your mother/grandmother for a few of these and you shall be rewarded with organizers extraordinaire.

Things that don't fit in trinket holders must find a happy home, no? Jewelry hangers to the rescue, literally! While I DIY-ed this one (wait for the next post), you can find plenty of jewelry hangers online. Check Organice.

What are your go-to organizing essentials?

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Fatal red, hazardous blue.

Tank: Splash
Pants: Spring Break (old)
Shoes: Zara
Rings: Forever 21, Blur 

This reckless blue pair of pants have been sitting pretty in my closet since forever. I don't often get the right occasion to flaunt a bold pair of high waist pants, but when I do, it has to mostly be this one. High waist pants / trousers have been around since longer than i can remember; printed ones add even more spunk to the look. High-waist-anything lends you the illusion of tallness and makes you look slimmer. You can add to the illusion with an edgy pair of heels. P.S. I see myself wearing those heels everywhere!

While you can team these up with over-sized tops and fierce shirts, you can also tone down the drama with basic tees and tanks. Add interesting colors, invent combinations, play with accessories. Summer's here, make the most of it! (Although I've already started to loathe the summer sun. NEED the winter chill back. Now.)

What do you think of this look?

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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Eva Danielle's contest: WIN BIG!!

Eva Danielle is a high end women's fashion line based out of Florida that is bringing to India, their fabulous line of clothing. Their collection is bringing to India, a refreshing new fusion of style, elegance and high end fashion. They aim to bring uniqueness in design, comfort in high fashion couture and multi-functionality is their mantra.

Their store is launching this March 15th at Pheonix Marketcity, Pune.

So what's more??? 

They are hosting an exciting 

"Model Search Contest"

where you can win the chance to be the face of Eva Danielle in India. 

The winner gets the following:

Travel + Luxury Lodging
A high fashion photo-shoot
Feature on billboards
Walk the runway

Now, how exciting is that?

The details of how to participate are given here:

To submit your entries, follow this link.

The contest ends in the next two weeks so make the most of it ladies!!! :D

Friday, 8 February 2013

DIY: Embellished Top

We all have quite a number of plain jane tops sitting pretty in our closets. While of course they are versatile, and can be dressed up and down, there's always scope for creating new looks and adding magical dimensions; in ways more than one.

Here's the end result after decking up these basic tops. Ta-da!

You'll need:

(1) A plain top/tee/shirt
(2) A marker
(3) Fabric glue / glue gun
(4) Embellishments

Step 1: Dot the center of the neckline with a marker.

Step 2: Start placing stones in a coordinated pattern, beginning from the center, proceeding towards both the sides. This will help keep the design symmetrical and uniform.

Step 3: Once your design is set, apply glue to each applique, and wait for about a minute or two to dry and become firm.

Step 4: Place the applique back in the same position on the neckline, and press gently for the glue to fix to the fabric.

Step 5: Press firmly after about 5 minutes for a strong fix.

You can try various patterns, embellishments and applique textures, depending upon your style and the clothing you would want to pair your top with. You can also use monochrome embellishments for a more understated look. This technique can be used over basic shirts, to create elaborate collars and cuffs. 

You're all set for a fun weekend DIY!

Don't forget to participate in Style Spectrum's giveaway in association with WINK. We're giving away a lovely sling bag to prep up your wardrobe for summer!!! Go here to participate :D

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