Wednesday, 24 April 2013

In the middle of summer

Polka dots, fuchsia, vintage-inspired jewelry. Wanted in any and every form please.

Bright coral teardrop stones. And then a run-of-the-mill dress turned into a flavorful statement. 

Butter and Saunf flavored lip balms from Granny Gregs. Part of the lovely goodies from the amazing guys at Wooplr

The Saunf flavored version is beyond addictive! (It also tastes like Saunf and I am tempted to lick it off all the time.) A must have indeed. Not surprised that my mother stole that one from me right after clicking this picture. Hmph.

Stacking rings from a multitude of places. Because once a while, chunky statement rings need to get a life. No?

Cherry blossom and grapefruit. Summer indulgence, for the bourgeoisie who cannot afford a summer trip to Paris.

That's too much neon. Said no one ever. Even if a bigger chunk of the neon gang is sitting pretty in the closet. 

My favorite Dior perfumes sending me refill alerts every passing day. No I'm not letting go of those sparkling vials. Yes I'm crazy that way. 

I don't intend to bore readers with mundane topics and I understand that weather talk qualifies for boredom material, but I couldn't help raving this time. Pune's summer has by far been, surprisingly shockingly enough, more than just plain pleasant. In fact, some nights, I'm forced to pull over a blanket over myself, and other days, I get to see rain clouds. Pune ALWAYS wants to surprise you with the weather, even in the middle of summer. Awesome or awesome?


  1. Is that neckpiece from Chic Acc? and that bubble gum pink earring?
    I still use the Dior addict you know :P

    1. Hi @Pajama Diaries, yes both from Chic Accessorizer :)
      And about Dior, I know right?! Dior Addicts we are then, indeed! ;)

  2. all your pictures are soo pretty! i especially loved the rings!

  3. Cool Colourful Collection...

  4. Thank you so much @Rajvi, @Deepali, @Singh! :)

  5. Love the bright coral neck piece and the rings collection :) BTW,I am a dior addict too ;) Love those little vials! Too cute to throw away :')

  6. Thank you @Jaseema! Totally agree about the vials. :'D


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