Saturday, 30 June 2012

Talk cloudy to me.

Today, like the past few days, has been the typical calm and cloudy monsoon-ish day Pune experiences in June. Those are the days when you love being in your own sweet frivolous world. And I love the weather inspiring my outfits. :)

Although the outfit remained very understated and quiet, I needed pops of colour here and there. My orange sling and old rings served the purpose well. And then there's Nyx Matte lip cream. Yay to that :D

I did not realize that navy blue and gray could make a fun combination, whoa. Talk about discoveries.

Now don't we love the clash of orange with turquoise.

Outfit : Assorted, French Connection, Qatar
Sling bag :
Rings : Splash, Hong Kong Lane, Pune
Glass bead necklace : Rajasthan

Showers! Pune misses you and hates the sweltering heat. Just saying.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Arm Candy Pinata

Peek-a-boo into some of my favorite arm candies! Let's go :D

Orange Sling / Clutch :

When i'm feeling all happy and colorful. I reach out for all the colors in my wardrobe. And of course this is definitely one of the pets i'm carrying with me. See, ain't it so happy to be first on the list :D

Cobalt blue sling : AND

Cobalt blue has always been this very tempting, distracting color for me. Anything cobalt and worth buying tempts me like nothing else. (Did someone say shoes?!)

Snake print cuff : Splash

A black snake print cuff is minimalist, chic and noticeable all rolled into one bundle. One of my most reached-out-for cuff.

Deep Purple Clutch : Accessorize

I really hate how the camera doesn't capture the pretty purple. It's such a pampered favorite, it breaks my heart to watch it look like dark chocolate in pictures. *rant rant*

Assorted Beads : Qatar, Hong Kong Lane, DIY

I'm not into a lot of bracelets, but when I am, it needs to be a delight. Beads in romantic pinks, pearl whites, fun yellows and fun blues, work with simple, understated outfits like a dream.

This boho style beaded cuff's not as easy-peasy an accessory to pull off. There have been more times when i wore it and took it off, than i actually wore it. Nevertheless, it's one bold happy arm candy :D

Floral Sling : ASOS

When i'm in this fun girly mood, there's nothing better than florals to make it work. Love mixing it with chevron prints, galaxy prints and stripes :D

Coin Purse, Dragonfly pendant : Accessorize

Surprise from the Arm Candy pinata :P This was so heartrendingly cute that i'll admit i like to think it's a part of arm candy. ;)

Assorted Bangles : All That Glam, others are gifts from Rajasthan

Love how these bangles play beautifully with fuchsia. Or most other bright colors for that matter. And of course, love the studs beyond compare. Another fool-proof way to bring change the focus of the outfit.

Can Mr. Leopard from Forever21 be a part of the arm candy too? He loves pinata.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Statement Earrings : Perk them up!

Statement everything these days has such pampering attention, it's not even funny. One piece of a distinctly palatable ring, or an audacious necklace, or even the new kid on the block, those unbeatable statement earrings. They are enough to make or break an outfit.

I'm not very much into earrings, howsoever. So i decided to test them on me by doing this easy peasy DIY.

I used:

These vintage earrings are over six years old. I bought them from Hong Kong Lane, Pune when i was once a earring enthusiast. And I hardly wore them.

In contradiction to nail varnishes, I chose to use oil paints in contrasting colors. Nail varnishes come off  easily with a single teensy-weensy scratch. Even if you're planning to use your OPI colors. At least with some one like me, who's always up to something, nail varnishes might not be the best idea.

Moreover, oil paints give a smoother finish, last longer obviously and are super cheap. Those little old tin boxes you see cost me about 30 INR and they refuse to get over despite my dangerously staggering number of DIY attempts. Also, i'm not very clean with those tins.

The result:

Did this inspire your DIY cells?

Btw, hello to the balmy weather! I was so over the prickly summer.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Mermaid blue eyes

The following quick post was shot in 10 minutes which is why the eyes aren't as perfect as they could have been. I've been busier than I thought I'd be, after exams are over with. And it's another thing that it took me over an hour to get the pictures ready.

What disappointed me was that the pictures couldn't capture the turquoise shadow. *rant rant rant*

For this look I used,

Deborah Milano's eye-shadow quads
Maybelline's gel eyeliner
Maybelline's Colossal Volum' Express mascara

Using a primer helps greatly with the color payoff and staying power.

i)   After primer, I started from the corner of the eye with the white highlighter and spread it all over the lid.
ii)  Then used the bright blue eye-shadow at the center of the lid, blending thoroughly.
iii) Finally i finished with the jet black eye-shadow, blending and defining the outline of the eye.

Using eye-shadow brushes are a must, especially when it comes to blending. I till date have not understood the use of the applicators the eye-shadow guys provide.

Funnily or not, I find this method easier than the usual procedure, which makes my eye look overdone. But hey, in the end, I can do my eyes well enough in 10 minutes, isn't that fun? ;)

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