Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Favorites Featured: Just Jewellery

Those who follow the blog closely, know how I work my outfits around statement necklaces and gourmet rings. This obsession with accessorizing just got a lot bigger when I came across Just Jewellery, the brand behind some of the most ethereal jewellery and accessories. Their creations bring a whirlwind of a never-ending romance with jewellery.

Conceptualized by Sandhya Shah and Jasmine Shah, the brand works to bring together art, beauty, and exemplary design through everything they create. Infusing art into semi-precious stones and plated jadtar (Just Jewellery being the only brand in India to use black jadtar in their creations), and even customizing jewellery, are a few characteristics unique to Just Jewellery.

Just Jewellery is available in various cities across India and are also available internationally. To know more about the brand, and see more of their collection and to purchase, visit them here

P.S. All pictures in this post belong to Just Jewellery and I claim no ownership to any of them 

Monday, 24 December 2012

Party Essentials: Are you ready yet?

So that sparkling perfect dress is sitting pretty in your wardrobe, and those party pumps are waiting to bring the world to a halt. All set. And, if 

One, you're one of those girls who love makeup that's actually seen. (readparty makeup)
Two, when they do it, they rock it even after they're all tipsy.
Three, and they need that dream kit to replenish their vanity without shelling out a bomb.

Here's the deal.


For the lack of decent shooting equipment, umm no, Youtube's annoying policy actually, that doesn't let you watch high-res videos NO MATTER WHAT, I request you to please PLEASE view this at least at 480p to avoid clarity/resolution horrors that Youtube doesn't let us avoid. *grumpy face*

Taken off the ugly Youtube version from here - found a better alternative on Vimeo!

Party makeup essentials from Stylespectrum on Vimeo.

You can still view this video on Youtube here.
P.S. do not forget the 480p limit. :)

(1) NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Amsterdam: I prefer this any day over the sticky, waxy Xtreme Lip Creams by NYX; while all their colors are super long lasting, non sticky and super light, Amsterdam turns out to be my favorite color. Addis Ababa follows close next. Actually I can't decide.

(2) NYX Eyeshadows 

Volcano: Give more depth to your eyes with this dark brown, neutral eye-shadow, preferably applied to the outer corner of the eye. (Why does this always remind me of cad b??? WHY WHY WHY?)

Peach Bronze: While I don't see anything peach about this shade, there is a whole lot of shiny gold in there! No ugly, chunky glitter, just smooth, delicious eye-candy. On the crease / inner corner of the eye, paired with (2) above (and maybe an eyeliner if you want to go bolder), for an instant party eye look; subdued, yet glamorous.

(3)  E.L.F. Bronzer + Highlighter: While the highlighter gives you disco cheeks (in the good sense of course), the bronzer is something you should NOT miss! Vital this party season, if you want those to-die-for cheekbones.

(4) Bourjois Blush in Ambre D' Or: Top off with this crazy cute blush from Bourjois. The perfect cheek shimmer/color, that also smells as delicious as it looks!

(5) Revlon nail lacquer in Pretty in PapayaAnd finally this is another cutie that makes you want to smell your nails whenever you bring them close to your face. No really! This gives off a delicious, fruity smell after application that makes me crave cheesecake. I might just prefer gold nail lacquer, but this color looks (and smells) so pretty, it's just unfair to let it go. :(

What are your vanity essentials this party season?

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Pleats of happiness

Skirt: Spring Break
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Online
Rings: Accessorize, Forever21
Necklace: XOXO Accessories
On my lips: Orange Flambe, Chambor

Today has gifted me with a rather momentous evening; I learnt, felt and perceived that no matter what ugly things friendship goes through, in the end, you always reconcile; if you don't, it's not the end. It's no wonder that Christmas indeed brings everything happy and Christmassy. Now all i want for Christmas is a cat. Oh, and maybe a dress to go with it.

Moving on to WIW (what i wore), while I have so many things to pair with this particular skirt, I knew it was going to be this nonchalant blue shirt, when I picked up this necklace. I'm funny sometimes, no? BUT!! No matter how much you focus on the outfit, it's often the accessorizing that gives a whole new manifestation to what you wear. Imagine this outfit with the necklace and without it?

P.S. everyone is aware of how the Delhi rape case has shook the entire nation. It would be a small yet significant move if you could sign a petition for capital punishment for the rapists (by going here), started by Malavika Mohanan of Pinkstruck fame.

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