Wednesday, 16 May 2012

OPP: Feeling bohemian

OPPs for those who are wondering, are One Picture Posts. And who're still wondering, they're because i like playing sneak peek sometimes. We all do! ;)

Check out my last OPP here.

Wearing these peacock feather earrings today. DIYed them but never really wore them until today. But there's always a first time, don't they say :)

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Inconspicuous huge joys

Prints Forever. 
This leaf print top. Over a year old.

Stepping stones. 
Rugged stone steps at an unknown beach.

Neon Love. 
Neon pink ring and rust-ish splatters.

Fish fingers. 
Because Food is the next thing after Fashion that really inspires me. No really.

Life is better with these cute hopping things with pink ears and happy feet.

Color unrivaled.
Flowers on a sunny day.

Bridges that connect.
What did you think?

Delicious, dreamlike, divine. 
Cherry blossom body milk is pure, unmatched obsession.

Sequin soliloquy.
Glitter pumps and hot green ruffles. Because it's nice to stand out.

Vintage. And red.

There just aren't enough rings in the world, right?

The era.
Brick and paint.

Red fire.
When in doubt, choose red.

Because vintage charms and pretty, shiny things are always a weakness.

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