Monday, 10 February 2014

Celebrate Valentines' Day with Giftease

The very eventful month of love is here.  Romantic getaways and unreasonable pampering may be the order of the season, but without the old-fashioned gifting and those little surprises, there's always going to be something missing. And while you're at it, Giftease is here to make your gifting experience all the more special and delightful.

Giftease aims to be an online gifting specialist, which makes giving gifts as fun as receiving them. Based out of Pune, Giftease operates the online counterpart,, which offers an exclusive range of gifting choices spread across a wide range of categories. These range from home & lifestyle products, gadgets and fashion accessories to the traditional yet irreplaceable flowers, stuff toys and chocolates.

How can you make this Valentines extra special with Giftease?

Giftease has introduced the very brilliant concept of the 'Gift via email' (read: Secret Valentine).

All you need to do to pull off the "Secret Valentine" is to share the e-mail address of your loved one with the Giftease team while placing the order. They do everything to ensure that your gift reaches your loved one at the given time and date. How awesome is that?! Yes! All you need is the email-id!
Does it get better? Yes Ma'am! Read on.

The Gift Wiz feature

Giftease has also introduced a Gift Wiz feature, that can help you pick a gift even in an emergency. Using this feature, you can pick a gift by occasion, recipient, price range and even the delivery date! Picking gifts on the go is now so much easier! :D

My Experience with Giftease

I can safely say that adopts a very convenient and smooth browsing experience, segregating products by category, occasion and even the recipient of the gift! How cool is that?

I picked out my gift within say 2-3 hours. This included me browsing all my options and narrowing down to the best. Which for the record, is commendable, because I normally take a good number of days to figure it all out. ;) I picked this Guess beauty:

You can even begin planning your gift in advance with their wishlist option, and pay online or make use of their COD option once you decide your purchase.

Personally, I loved the spread of items handpicked for gifting. One of these could make an ideal gift for your man:

P.S.: Men love their gadgets, and Giftease does it all to ensure the best selection of gadgets suited for gifting, range beginning from only INR 200/-! Girls! Rushhh NOW! ;)

So what makes Giftease different from other portals?

With its unique selection of products, Giftease helps you achieve the perfect gifting experience. Now finding the perfect gift fast without getting distracted is so much easier!

Fixed date delivery, choice of exquisite gift wrapping options, gift exchanges and many more unique features are in the pipeline, to make the experience fun and special for your loved ones.

They have a generous range of gift cards and experiences, from indulgent spa treatments to an exquisite dining experience.

Delivery to over 5000 locations across India; and they are constantly expanding and spreading the love.

The unique "Gift via e-mail" facility, in my opinion, absolutely STEALS the show, yes!

Giftease also has a physical location, operating at Phoenix Marketcity, Nagar Road, Pune. So if you need to know more, you know where to head!

So what are you waiting for? 

Head to and make this Valentines a little extra special! Thank me later ;)

Giftease’s main promoter is Arun Nathani, a very successful technology entrepreneur, who is the founder-CEO of Cybage Software Pvt ltd.  The management team at Giftease comprises Vivek Mathur, CEO and Ashish Chandani, Co-founder & COO.


Wednesday, 27 November 2013

I heart you

Crop top, Pants: Wink, Koregaon Park
Bag: Cupidity
Sunnies, Rings: Blur
Necklace: All That Glam
Shoes: Much More

This could easily be one of my most laid-back outfits with the right amount of chic. While I've been digging crop tops (hell, even if it's winter) and comfy pants this winter, I'm satiating myself by hunting down quaint little stores in Pune that stock up on quirky pants and cute blouses. I've been a safe dresser on the blog for quite a while now, so it's about time to get adventurous! I thought crop tops were never meant for me, but things are about to change. (Especially with the heart prints taking over my mind.) I've worn cobalt blue pants earlier on the blog here, and these pair only add to my favorites.

Aaand. It's ridiculous how white shoes / bags are so underrated. If there is anything that adds instant chic to an outfit, nothing's easier than a pair of white shoes, or a minimalist bag like this studded Cupidity sling. (Psst. I bought these shoes only to complement the white sling. Perfectly badass couple no?) 

Also, I'm on the verge of giving myself a generous shopping ban. Let's take up the challenge! ;) 

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Ice and spice

Jacket via
Top - Splash
Denims - Zara
Pumps - Zara
Bag - Cupidity
Necklace - All That Glam
Rings - Blur, Ayesha

Being a savage online shopper, it should be no surprise when I tell you that I had once picked up a pretty tribal print skirt from (almost a year back or more! I still use it, and it's still as fresh as new). Since then, the brand has grown into one marvellously chic store with a twist. You see all kinds of printed pants, skirts and some particularly drool-worthy dresses; all at prices your bank balance will love. What's more? They update their collection every 15 days! Is there a better inspiration to shop? ;) promises a 24 hour shipment, alright. But oh, what a surprise, I received my parcel  (a nifty little box with the cutest packaging ever.) within 24 hours of placing the order! Putting all this aside, the product quality truly overwhelmed my expectations; fitting is a sensitive issue when it comes to blazers, bottom wear and such. And I was thoroughly happy with the fit and quality of the product. Needless to say, I  see myself picking up even more clothing from now. :) regularly hosts some amazing contests and currently even has fun offers for you to grab. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Signature Pune Style Week: Part One

The last weekend was charged with fashion, and haute couture from eminent designers was the reason. Monapali, Nitya Singh, Rocky S, AD Singh, Mumtaz Khan and Riyaz Gangji were some of the designers showcasing their creations at the Signature Pune Style Week held at Hyatt Regency, Pune

Although I couldn't attend all (that's totally my bad luck considering I stay 10 minutes away from Hyatt), I did get lucky enough to catch some of the amazing collections being showcased at the Signature PSW. The first show I could watch was AD Singh, who is well-known for bridal couture and his unfettered infatuation with Swarovski crystals. And I was easily enamoured by his collection. Personally I loved how beautifully he used his obsession with Swarovski. Favorited!!


Saturday, 20 July 2013

Budget Buys: 7 Ultrachic Budget Bags to Complete Your Wardrobe

Sometimes when I fantasize think too much about shoes, I dream of them at night. And these dreams, mind you, are lavish ones. Ever been to a library with a wall full of books? Just the same, but the books replaced with shoes. Oh that's wild. :-3

BUT! If they're cute bags we've a fixation over, we ladies know only the best. TO BUY!!

While all of us are facing MAJOR bank balance crunches, courtesy the sale period, there is an easy (temporary? maybe) way to satiate the arm candy fetish.

7 Gorgeous Bags. ALL Under INR 1400/- .


Espelho Rust Sling Bag @ INR 1100
This is a no-brainer pick if you want something that'll complement even if you're wearing a tin. More details here

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