Sunday, 14 October 2012

The F.A.T. Bazaar: Exclusive blog coverage!

Recently a couple of days back, I visited Malaka Spice, one of Pune's most loved restaurants  tucked away in the quiet and ethereal surroundings of Koregaon Park. This particular visit was with a purpose; I was excited to visit the F.A.T. Bazaar held recently, by the lovely Mamta Gala. It hosted a phenomenal array of independent designers, which, to say the least, blew my mind. Let's speak with a few pictures :)

P.S. I visited the bazaar by the time it was sunset, so it's legit if you disliked the pictures. :(

Handcrafted bags by Lisa Pingale in a riot of colors. Loving the vibrant totes. Very Indianized, very inspiring.

Found a truckload of cute and quirky whatnots at some of the stores. I couldn't visit all, but I managed to click all that caught my eye! From scarves, coin purses, key rings and colored blazers, to clutches with large and bold prints and over-sized bags, everything looked so tempting, I couldn't have possibly focused on the food!

This beautiful 'dupatta' was one of the exquisite creations by Udd. They have a deluge of beautiful Sarees, skirts and other clothing in tribal inspired print.

This particular Pune-based designer Falguni Gokhale was probably my most favorite. I was smitten by her creativity. With no specific brand name, Falguni handcrafts everything purely out of hobby and love for art. If you follow my posts regularly, you would know that Malaka Spice also loves promoting art in the every form, apart from filling you with everything palatable.

Here, a beautiful trinket box, and statement jewelry that she designs on her own. Masterpieces? Yes.

Kiwi accessories were loaded with the prettiest bangles and arm candies! They had a great selection of handmade stationery for all quirk-lovers.

Shraddha  Karamchandani's Drop Dead Gorgeous was one fashionable stall! Loved the statement jewelry, bags and accessories on display.

Lively Wood and Bhoole Bisre really swept me with their quirky and out-of-the-world collectibles and home decor items. Eyeing something?

Bechain Nagri is this amazing brand with the cutest notebooks ever. It is beyond me how they come up with so much humor just through their notebooks.

Designerds had their stall loaded with bags in all shapes and sizes. While some had a vintage feel, others were contemporary and quirky. Loved their collection and I'm definitely picking some things up from them!

Did you visit the bazaar?

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

What's in my tote?

This fall is inspiring me to wear all of my favorite colors. Burgundy, deep red, grey and olive green. And whatever arm candy I carry with me, the following are the things I carry. Also, this is considering i have a sufficiently large tote and not a simple sling purse; I happen to carry the whole world in my tote. (And try to fit in a few continents when I'm carrying a sling. Bad joke.)

I keep changing my wallets / clutches very often, but this particular one i cannot just let go of. A sanitizer is another essential something I need to carry every time i go out. My purple contact lens case is another necessity I carry, in case i feel the need to take off my lenses. I've always felt that a statement ring can spruce up an understated outfit. Every time I go out, I keep a versatile ring handy, just in case.

Wallet / Clutch : Splash
Contact lens case : Claire's
Ring : Forever21

While a good set of shades are always indispensable, carrying a travel perfume always helps you feel fresh. This Dior is one of my favorites. Coin purses are knick-knacks I add to my bag, depending on my mood. Oh yes I'm crazy that way.

Shades : Aldo
Coin purse : Accessorize
Travel perfume : Dior

If shades are a necessity in Indian weather, so is my compact mirror. I often carry my 'currently-wearing' nail lacquer when i know the polish might chip off. I also carry two shades of lipsticks, a dark one and another natural colored; these serve the touch-ups in the day or in the evening. This particular moisturizing balm serves as a wonderfully soothing balm for my lips as well as my hands. Those iridescent rainbow colored bands are my absolute favorite!! They've got 'Made-for-fall' all printed over them. I'm so worried about losing them, it's not even funny.

Compact mirror: UK
Nail Lacquer: Maybelline
Lip colors: NYX lip cream in Antwerp, Colorbar lipstick in a red shade
Iridescent bands: Esta Accessories
Notebook: Bechain Nagri

And then comes the dual purpose card holder / coin purse, I just cannot get over the croc print. Bought from Hong Kong Lane, FC road, Pune for a mere 80 INR. Colorful pens and pen drives, they are all there somewhere tucked in safely.

One of my favorite pens. It's not a fancy brand, no, but it cost a good 400 INR something. Of course I had to buy it anyway.

What are you carrying in your tote this season? :)

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Save the date: The F.A.T. Bazaar is here!

So for all those who have been in the midst of incessant festivities, and haven't had a minute to swoop into some habitual shopping and fun, here's some good news. The creative minds behind the F.A.T. Bazaar (short for the Finders And Takers Bazaar) are going to create a hoopla with all that they have to offer. 

For those who are wondering, the F.A.T. Bazaar was started with an aim to bring together young artists and designers whose work was not commercially available in stores or malls. With the aim of bringing avante-garde products to the customer's eye, they froze on the idea of taking these designers to all day dining restaurants over a long weekend to display their products.

With as ingenious a concept as this, the F.A.T Bazaar has always added more depth to their bazaars through additional attractions; in the form of stand-up comedy gigs, tea tasting rituals and so on. All in all, it's fun, food and entertainment all under one roof. 

A a colorful mix of designers will be putting up their creations for sale. 

Among these brands is E.Z.R.A., a Mumbai based brand that recreates contemporary fashion with their concepts and design. Visit them here.

Lively Wood is another brand that strives to be unconventional and brings altogether a world of immaculate design.

Another such unconventionally creative brand, Udd, creates beautiful fabrics. Udd is one of the participating designers, who work to encourage folk-tribal art, which is then transformed into beautiful fabrics. Visit them here.

Various other brands such as Bechain Nagri, Funk for Hire and the very popular Bliss among many other amazing eye-popping brands will be participating together at the F.A.T. Bazaar.

For this bazaar, they will display an eclectic mix of designers from Mumbai, Pune and Goa. Also with this bazaar, they are giving back to society in the form of a collaboration with Teach For India. They are helping them raise funds for their project School of Little Designers, which aims to bring design and art into the classroom and inspire young minds.

Venue : Malaka Spice, Koregaon Park, Pune
October 5th, 6th and 7th
Open from : 11.30 a.m. to 11.30 p.m.

The F.A.T. Bazaar was started by a young entrepreneur Mamta Gala. Her own interest in finding art and taking it motivated her to create a medium that would help others to find art made by young entrepreneurs.

To know more about the F.A.T Bazaar and the designers that will make it a firework, visit their Facebook page here

So will I see you there? :)

Disclaimer: All pictures belong to the respective designers / Facebook pages and I claim no ownership to them.
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