Monday, 27 February 2012

NOTD: Chevron Splash

Winter's long gone and we're treading in the middle of summer. In spite of grueling heat and unnecessary tanning, we still have beautiful bright colors to our rescue. What's better than brewing a mix of colors through chevron nails?

For this NOTD post, i used:
1) Rose by Tips & Toes, a gorgeous summery pink.
2) Poppies by Tips & Toes, a beautiful bright orange.
3) Shade A11 by Marie Claire, a dull toned-down purple. (the color doesn't show in the pictures so well)

I started out with a pink base. Make sure it's completely dry before you move to the next step. I waited a long 25 minutes (yes). Anything i tried to do before the 25 minute period, and there starts the destruction... And hence this was my second attempt at the same NOTD post.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

OPP: Cobalt blue, gold and sunshine.

OPPs for those who are wondering, are One Picture Posts. And who're still wondering, they're because i like playing sneak peek sometimes. We all do! ;)

Nevertheless, i DO want to post the rest of the pictures that were clicked today, they were great fun! But maybe in another post! ;)

Jokes apart, i wanted to focus on the accessories i used to complement today's outfit. The snake print cuff is my favorite. But i realized it Pune's afternoon hours are getting sweatier by the day and therefore i decided to take the cuff off eventually. Haha yes sad.

The envelope clutch is a favorite-er. Love pairing it with stark or neutral shades too, to bring out the colors.

Notice how snake print-ey everything is?

Hinge feather necklace : Forever21
Snake print cuff : Splash
Snake print envelope clutch : ASOS

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Wishlists are meant to never end.

It's pretty annoying (actually, not really) that things keep getting added to my wishlist as the older additions get fulfilled. Of course, most girls will relate to the feeling. There's a plethora of things - clothing, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, shoes, shoes... and then there's no end.

I'd like to share my wishlist a part of my wishlist in this post.

I, with tremendous difficulty, selected just four arm-candies from my ASOS wishlist. They range from 28 to 65 USD. Moreover, free shipping make me a sucker for ASOS. My current favorite is the mint green envelope clutch. And also the River Island Binoculars Case in Beige-Pink. What a lovely combinationI died 35 times after I saw this new stock of jaw-dropping arm babies.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Little Obsessions

There are always those days when you have an overflowing wardrobe and still don't find that perfect outfit. Days when you want to wear something but don't have the perfect bag to go with. Days when your wardrobe is not in the mood to talk to you ;) I know i sound so crazy. But there's always one part of your wardrobe you unconditionally love and would never want to let go of.

Like my coin purses. I would use them rarely yes, but collect them for a mystical reason i yet do not know of. currently loving the silver croc print the most.

Three Wise Owls ^^. Yes, they are a part of almost every wardrobe and outfit you'll see around, and i also accept being bored of wearing them, but i cannot even begin to describe how adorable i find them. The coral feather owl is certainly my favorite!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Florals, sunshine and a little chill.

Most of my outfits are made up of plain colors, or understated touches of print here and there. And this fine day, i decided to plunge into my wardrobe and managed to pull out a bold printed top to go with brown corduroy jeggings.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Jewelry Talk.

You'll notice as posts go by, that all my outfits are incomplete without jewelry - I could very easily say that my daily wear revolves around my jewelry stash. Considering that, I have an overwhelming amount of jewelry, and well, i secretly love organizing all of it in beautiful trinklet boxes and what-not ;)

One fun way to go about it, was to use some of those plain jane glasses to store jewelry, and stack them together in a row on your shelf or dresser. And surely enough, all of us have unused crockery at home. :) I also use my mother's vintage brass and silver trinklet boxes - talk about prized possessions!

So bring out all those unused vintage saucers, bowls, glasses and cups. Create your jewel-drobe and then flaunt! ;)

Other ideas playing with your mind? Share. :)
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