Sunday, 19 February 2012

Wishlists are meant to never end.

It's pretty annoying (actually, not really) that things keep getting added to my wishlist as the older additions get fulfilled. Of course, most girls will relate to the feeling. There's a plethora of things - clothing, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, shoes, shoes... and then there's no end.

I'd like to share my wishlist a part of my wishlist in this post.

I, with tremendous difficulty, selected just four arm-candies from my ASOS wishlist. They range from 28 to 65 USD. Moreover, free shipping make me a sucker for ASOS. My current favorite is the mint green envelope clutch. And also the River Island Binoculars Case in Beige-Pink. What a lovely combinationI died 35 times after I saw this new stock of jaw-dropping arm babies.

Jewelry is pretty much my obvious favorite. But I've begun to have a particularly scandalous crush on statement cuffs and stackable bracelets. The feather cuff and the plain gold cut-out cuff are my favorite from the above. Cannot wait to make them mine. :D

If you're looking for some easy-on-the-pocket statement cuffs, head to Splash. Their collection seemed pretty impressive.

E.l.f.. Milani and NYX cosmetics I've become a sucker for. The cream eyeliner is known to be even better than the one by Maybelline, and at 4 USD, it's even cheaper. Would love to try the rest easy-on-the-pocket range that E.l.f has. ^^

Milani's LIQUIF-EYE Metallic Eyeliner Pencil is something I've heard big raves about so that's on the list too. Metallic, metallic, metallic!!!

But then they say, 
"If you had everything, where would you put it?"

Seems like deep thinking to me. ;)


  1. True wishlists can never end, specially when such gorgeous things are all around you:)
    The envolope Clutch is beyond gorgeous!

  2. Great picks!! I love accessories from Splash...ASOS is fav all time :)

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  3. This post forced us to add certain things to our wishlist! :D

  4. Nikita, yes totally loving those clutches :D
    Stylish by Nature, ASOS is a favorite indeed!! :)
    The Twisted Elegance, hehe no one can help when you're surrounded by everything splendid! ;)


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