Monday, 27 February 2012

NOTD: Chevron Splash

Winter's long gone and we're treading in the middle of summer. In spite of grueling heat and unnecessary tanning, we still have beautiful bright colors to our rescue. What's better than brewing a mix of colors through chevron nails?

For this NOTD post, i used:
1) Rose by Tips & Toes, a gorgeous summery pink.
2) Poppies by Tips & Toes, a beautiful bright orange.
3) Shade A11 by Marie Claire, a dull toned-down purple. (the color doesn't show in the pictures so well)

I started out with a pink base. Make sure it's completely dry before you move to the next step. I waited a long 25 minutes (yes). Anything i tried to do before the 25 minute period, and there starts the destruction... And hence this was my second attempt at the same NOTD post.

What you get is this...

Repeat with as many colors as you want. I used 3, because i'm like a meek kitten with nail art :D

What combination of colors would you choose?


  1. Meek kitten :D
    I'm not one who does nail art but i do like pretty ones, like this :D

  2. Loved this NOTD!! Will definitely try it out!!:)


  3. looks amazing! love the colours.xx

  4. AMAZING! I love this! =)

  5. Wow your nails look gorgeous! I never have the patience to do designs on my nails, when I try they always end up looking messy!

  6. This is just brillant. Very creative and beautiful. I love nail art would love to have something this gorgeous done for for my nails.

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  7. Beautiful DIY nail idea!! Just found out your blog and showing my support by following you! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  8. Great DIY !! Hey sweetie...I have a surprise for you in my tomorrow's post...Do check out :)


  9. Wow I like it!!!!!
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  10. Thank you so much girlies! :) <3


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