Wednesday, 10 October 2012

What's in my tote?

This fall is inspiring me to wear all of my favorite colors. Burgundy, deep red, grey and olive green. And whatever arm candy I carry with me, the following are the things I carry. Also, this is considering i have a sufficiently large tote and not a simple sling purse; I happen to carry the whole world in my tote. (And try to fit in a few continents when I'm carrying a sling. Bad joke.)

I keep changing my wallets / clutches very often, but this particular one i cannot just let go of. A sanitizer is another essential something I need to carry every time i go out. My purple contact lens case is another necessity I carry, in case i feel the need to take off my lenses. I've always felt that a statement ring can spruce up an understated outfit. Every time I go out, I keep a versatile ring handy, just in case.

Wallet / Clutch : Splash
Contact lens case : Claire's
Ring : Forever21

While a good set of shades are always indispensable, carrying a travel perfume always helps you feel fresh. This Dior is one of my favorites. Coin purses are knick-knacks I add to my bag, depending on my mood. Oh yes I'm crazy that way.

Shades : Aldo
Coin purse : Accessorize
Travel perfume : Dior

If shades are a necessity in Indian weather, so is my compact mirror. I often carry my 'currently-wearing' nail lacquer when i know the polish might chip off. I also carry two shades of lipsticks, a dark one and another natural colored; these serve the touch-ups in the day or in the evening. This particular moisturizing balm serves as a wonderfully soothing balm for my lips as well as my hands. Those iridescent rainbow colored bands are my absolute favorite!! They've got 'Made-for-fall' all printed over them. I'm so worried about losing them, it's not even funny.

Compact mirror: UK
Nail Lacquer: Maybelline
Lip colors: NYX lip cream in Antwerp, Colorbar lipstick in a red shade
Iridescent bands: Esta Accessories
Notebook: Bechain Nagri

And then comes the dual purpose card holder / coin purse, I just cannot get over the croc print. Bought from Hong Kong Lane, FC road, Pune for a mere 80 INR. Colorful pens and pen drives, they are all there somewhere tucked in safely.

One of my favorite pens. It's not a fancy brand, no, but it cost a good 400 INR something. Of course I had to buy it anyway.

What are you carrying in your tote this season? :)


  1. pretty items...i wish to own all <3

  2. im so in love wit ur studded wallet,its sad dat splash is not in mumbai!!

  3. im so in love wit ur studded wallet...its sad dat splash isnt in mumbai!!

  4. ohhh you,you have pretty much everything!
    You are tempting me to do one too, you know!

  5. I LOVED your photography! <3 And of course, the stuff inside your tote! ;)
    -Much Love,

  6. wow... so pretty.. and u carry them every day..?
    great.. :)


  7. Thank you so much @Mishty and @Pranontika!
    @Candyvioleta you should totally do it too! Would be a great idea :)
    @Madhumita thank youu! You're such a darling ^_^
    @Apoorva thank you so much! :) I carry all of this only if it's my loyal tote! ;)

  8. that contact lens case is awesome... i dn even wear lenses though lol
    hav u reviewed that nyx lip cream?

  9. Hi Ayesha,

    Thank you! I haven't reviewed the lip creams yet. But i would love to do it sometime soon. :)

  10. I am also in love with the colorama red nail paint. love to put it with gold french tips.

  11. Love the red Colorama nail paint. I love to pair it with gold colored french tips.


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