Saturday, 20 July 2013

Budget Buys: 7 Ultrachic Budget Bags to Complete Your Wardrobe

Sometimes when I fantasize think too much about shoes, I dream of them at night. And these dreams, mind you, are lavish ones. Ever been to a library with a wall full of books? Just the same, but the books replaced with shoes. Oh that's wild. :-3

BUT! If they're cute bags we've a fixation over, we ladies know only the best. TO BUY!!

While all of us are facing MAJOR bank balance crunches, courtesy the sale period, there is an easy (temporary? maybe) way to satiate the arm candy fetish.

7 Gorgeous Bags. ALL Under INR 1400/- .


Espelho Rust Sling Bag @ INR 1100
This is a no-brainer pick if you want something that'll complement even if you're wearing a tin. More details here


Miss Fiorelli Box Sling @ INR 1100/-
It's a box bag. It's a sling. Best of both worlds AND has a cute floral print. Buy or buy? More details here.

#3: BOLD

Croco Sling Bag @ INR 880
This is one cute bag. It secretly has a whole lot of boldness and spunk, hello! And then there's something about that vintage-looking snap closure i absolutely adore! Pick this cutie here.


Youshine Green Marks the Spot Blue Sling bag @ INR 1080/-

Add some instant color splash to boring outfits with this gorgeous bag from Youshine. More details here.


Camry Yellow Sling bag @ INR 999/-
There's nothing that yellow cannot do; it's certain. You will be surprised with the number of times you'll reach out for this budget beauty. More details here.


Multi Color Sling bag @ INR 1200
This is one fun and quirky pick that'll totally rock your monochromes jumpsuits and pleated skirts. (Even old rugged jeans, for that matter.) More details here.


3 Mad Chicks Brown Sling Bag @ INR 1350/-

Last but certainly not the least. This leopard print may look demure, but it's definitely going to add fun to any outfit you pair it with. Whether you mix the prints or keep it monochrome, it's bringing sexy back in style, and of course, on a budget you'll love. More here.

Which one's your pick? 


  1. Love the quirky 2nd last one the most!

  2. God ! I want em all :( !!
    Great Picks :D
    xoxo <3

  3. Love of them but Minimalist is mine favourite :)
    New post up.

  4. Glad you girls liked them @Rachana, @Shanaya and @Pink jasmine! <3


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