Wednesday, 27 November 2013

I heart you

Crop top, Pants: Wink, Koregaon Park
Bag: Cupidity
Sunnies, Rings: Blur
Necklace: All That Glam
Shoes: Much More

This could easily be one of my most laid-back outfits with the right amount of chic. While I've been digging crop tops (hell, even if it's winter) and comfy pants this winter, I'm satiating myself by hunting down quaint little stores in Pune that stock up on quirky pants and cute blouses. I've been a safe dresser on the blog for quite a while now, so it's about time to get adventurous! I thought crop tops were never meant for me, but things are about to change. (Especially with the heart prints taking over my mind.) I've worn cobalt blue pants earlier on the blog here, and these pair only add to my favorites.

Aaand. It's ridiculous how white shoes / bags are so underrated. If there is anything that adds instant chic to an outfit, nothing's easier than a pair of white shoes, or a minimalist bag like this studded Cupidity sling. (Psst. I bought these shoes only to complement the white sling. Perfectly badass couple no?) 

Also, I'm on the verge of giving myself a generous shopping ban. Let's take up the challenge! ;) 


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