Monday, 25 June 2012

Statement Earrings : Perk them up!

Statement everything these days has such pampering attention, it's not even funny. One piece of a distinctly palatable ring, or an audacious necklace, or even the new kid on the block, those unbeatable statement earrings. They are enough to make or break an outfit.

I'm not very much into earrings, howsoever. So i decided to test them on me by doing this easy peasy DIY.

I used:

These vintage earrings are over six years old. I bought them from Hong Kong Lane, Pune when i was once a earring enthusiast. And I hardly wore them.

In contradiction to nail varnishes, I chose to use oil paints in contrasting colors. Nail varnishes come off  easily with a single teensy-weensy scratch. Even if you're planning to use your OPI colors. At least with some one like me, who's always up to something, nail varnishes might not be the best idea.

Moreover, oil paints give a smoother finish, last longer obviously and are super cheap. Those little old tin boxes you see cost me about 30 INR and they refuse to get over despite my dangerously staggering number of DIY attempts. Also, i'm not very clean with those tins.

The result:

Did this inspire your DIY cells?

Btw, hello to the balmy weather! I was so over the prickly summer.


  1. What a creative idea !!

    Check out my new outfit post...

  2. so pretty they look now! *_*
    and, it did trigger my DIY Cells! ;)
    ps: what camera do you use? Nice pictures!

  3. So creative and pretty! Yay Poorva :)

  4. Thank you so much @Stylish by Nature, @Madhumita and @Dayle <3
    @Madhumita, I used the humble Sony Cybershot for this post, nothing fancy :) For most outfit posts my photographer(s) i use various DSLRs from Canon :)


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