Friday, 29 June 2012

Arm Candy Pinata

Peek-a-boo into some of my favorite arm candies! Let's go :D

Orange Sling / Clutch :

When i'm feeling all happy and colorful. I reach out for all the colors in my wardrobe. And of course this is definitely one of the pets i'm carrying with me. See, ain't it so happy to be first on the list :D

Cobalt blue sling : AND

Cobalt blue has always been this very tempting, distracting color for me. Anything cobalt and worth buying tempts me like nothing else. (Did someone say shoes?!)

Snake print cuff : Splash

A black snake print cuff is minimalist, chic and noticeable all rolled into one bundle. One of my most reached-out-for cuff.

Deep Purple Clutch : Accessorize

I really hate how the camera doesn't capture the pretty purple. It's such a pampered favorite, it breaks my heart to watch it look like dark chocolate in pictures. *rant rant*

Assorted Beads : Qatar, Hong Kong Lane, DIY

I'm not into a lot of bracelets, but when I am, it needs to be a delight. Beads in romantic pinks, pearl whites, fun yellows and fun blues, work with simple, understated outfits like a dream.

This boho style beaded cuff's not as easy-peasy an accessory to pull off. There have been more times when i wore it and took it off, than i actually wore it. Nevertheless, it's one bold happy arm candy :D

Floral Sling : ASOS

When i'm in this fun girly mood, there's nothing better than florals to make it work. Love mixing it with chevron prints, galaxy prints and stripes :D

Coin Purse, Dragonfly pendant : Accessorize

Surprise from the Arm Candy pinata :P This was so heartrendingly cute that i'll admit i like to think it's a part of arm candy. ;)

Assorted Bangles : All That Glam, others are gifts from Rajasthan

Love how these bangles play beautifully with fuchsia. Or most other bright colors for that matter. And of course, love the studs beyond compare. Another fool-proof way to bring change the focus of the outfit.

Can Mr. Leopard from Forever21 be a part of the arm candy too? He loves pinata.


  1. WOW. So freaking pretty. Loved it :D


  2. i want the orange sling/clutch,can u suggest some link where i'd get something similar?
    n ur collection is awesome :)

  3. d orange sling n d snake cuff r my fav!! amazing~ :)
    new post up
    also join my oasap giveaway n win urself a pretty dress! :)

  4. Thank youu @Little Drama Queen, @Sonshu, @Rhitima and @Priyanka. <3

    @Rhitima : you can check for Toshe's sling bags. In fact they have a huge collection and you'd definitely love to pick something up from there. :)

  5. The slings are my fav from your wonderful collection :)


  6. i have that same deep purple clutch! absolutely love it!

  7. i have the same accessorize coin purse ... i love it :)
    n loved ur post :)


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