Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Grapes and Martini

Top: Splash
Clutch: Splash (old)
Pants: Spring Break (So old, I need a fresh new piece from them)
Shoes: Carlton London
Rings: Blur, Forever 21

As much as I hate summers, I'm glad I can wear colors like a retard. And since I'm more of a pants-denims-etc-girl, I hate summers even more. These pants were from Spring Break's oldest collection, and whoa, aren't they still fresh as a flower! I wish someone forces them to bring these in stock again. Also, I'm shamelessly overdoing that necklace, yeah!
And, for a certain strange reason, I particularly don't like wearing belts with these pair of pants. Something just feels wrong. Don't ask me why.

Do you like this look? :)

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  1. Love the pretty happy colours! You look so summer ready :)

  2. I *love* how you style your outfits!

  3. Hi Poorva, how are you doing? Thank you so very much for stopping by and leaving your comment on my blog :)
    Yes, the material is from Pune..Clover centr basement..I call that area my playground :)
    Also I must tell you, that with each post of yours I am turning into a bigger fan..
    Why dont we meet sometime?
    n yeah I have the same shoes...yay!! I LOVE THEM...LOVE

    1. Hey Abhi!

      That is just amazing! I've seen a couple of stores in the Clover basement, but never really explored! Gotta check that place out NOW :O You did a great job with that skirt :D
      And thank youuu for the sweet words Abhi! :D
      And we totally should catch up :D I'm already excited. ;)

  4. Love the colours and the necklace! :)


  5. Thank you so much Dayle, Maneeta and Sayali! <3

  6. Such a pretty outfit... Love everything about it...

  7. You have nailed the color combo thoroughly Girl...
    Just came across your blog and simply loved the work you're doing... :) Keep it Up...!
    Do give a visit to my blog when you find time,,, :)



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