Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Fatal red, hazardous blue.

Tank: Splash
Pants: Spring Break (old)
Shoes: Zara
Rings: Forever 21, Blur 

This reckless blue pair of pants have been sitting pretty in my closet since forever. I don't often get the right occasion to flaunt a bold pair of high waist pants, but when I do, it has to mostly be this one. High waist pants / trousers have been around since longer than i can remember; printed ones add even more spunk to the look. High-waist-anything lends you the illusion of tallness and makes you look slimmer. You can add to the illusion with an edgy pair of heels. P.S. I see myself wearing those heels everywhere!

While you can team these up with over-sized tops and fierce shirts, you can also tone down the drama with basic tees and tanks. Add interesting colors, invent combinations, play with accessories. Summer's here, make the most of it! (Although I've already started to loathe the summer sun. NEED the winter chill back. Now.)

What do you think of this look?

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  1. Love the look..
    ..and I want those heels!!

  2. love the entire outfit..specially the purse

  3. Lovely look, specially that tank on those pnats - great colours !

  4. @Maneeta Thank you so much! :)
    @Prayati Thank youuu :)
    @Dayle Thank you love :*

  5. Drooling over the entire look! <3
    I saw those heels at Zara but they weren't really Me, so picked up a nude and red one! ^_^
    You're pulling these ones off so well! :D

  6. Love the way you paired these colors. Very pretty.

  7. Thank you so much @Madhumita! <3
    @Rhea, thank you, you pretty girl. :*


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