Friday, 8 February 2013

DIY: Embellished Top

We all have quite a number of plain jane tops sitting pretty in our closets. While of course they are versatile, and can be dressed up and down, there's always scope for creating new looks and adding magical dimensions; in ways more than one.

Here's the end result after decking up these basic tops. Ta-da!

You'll need:

(1) A plain top/tee/shirt
(2) A marker
(3) Fabric glue / glue gun
(4) Embellishments

Step 1: Dot the center of the neckline with a marker.

Step 2: Start placing stones in a coordinated pattern, beginning from the center, proceeding towards both the sides. This will help keep the design symmetrical and uniform.

Step 3: Once your design is set, apply glue to each applique, and wait for about a minute or two to dry and become firm.

Step 4: Place the applique back in the same position on the neckline, and press gently for the glue to fix to the fabric.

Step 5: Press firmly after about 5 minutes for a strong fix.

You can try various patterns, embellishments and applique textures, depending upon your style and the clothing you would want to pair your top with. You can also use monochrome embellishments for a more understated look. This technique can be used over basic shirts, to create elaborate collars and cuffs. 

You're all set for a fun weekend DIY!

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  1. Loved this DIY. It's simple and yet very chic at the same time.
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  2. That's lovely! I've done the exact project myself too, only with crystal rhinestones and on the shoulders :D

  3. Lovely! Just brings the tee to life like magic! Can't wait to do this - just the only bottleneck: have to find a place for buying these embellishments ;)

  4. That's really superb!! Good job!! :)

    You have been awarded! Check my blog :)

  5. Thats a FAB DIY. Beautifully done.

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