Saturday, 14 July 2012

Feline instincts

I was wanting to do a fun, perky outfit for a while and thought leopard prints would make a great choice. I realized that leopard prints are one of the most versatile choices one could ever go for. Pair them with hot pink, electric blue, dull grey or even black or white. Even stripes. They're just not going to let you down. I love pairing red and gold together, and with pops of cobalt blue now and then, it just had to be perfect fun.

Oh yes, these adorable, happy, quacking ducks had to be a part of the pictures. How merrily do they enjoy the waters? Talk about leisure time.

This one's almost a blooper. But hey, don't we all have those moments? Also, the sun decided to play hide and seek. Too bad we decided to shoot.

Yes kitty, you match our little theme.

A lot of color-blocking this time do we see?

Shirt (buttons DIYed) : Wonderland, Pune
Leggings : All That Glam
Heels : Zara
Bag : AND
Rings : Splash, Krucarnations
Necklace : Accessorize

Oh and also, I'm getting a huge top-to-bottom makeover for my organizers. Cannot wait to share the pictures! ^_^

What's everyone up to over the weekend?


  1. You look amazing poorva!
    Loved the leggings!

  2. Love the animal print red and blue combo. You look great.!
    Check out my blog. :)

  3. love the outfit! everything looks amazing! im a sucker for leo print so totally love d leggings :)

  4. Like the way you compiled this outfit Poorva. Even I am obsessed with leopard prints. You look great !!

    Check out my new post :)

  5. I love your shoes!
    They're to die for :)

    Much Love,

  6. OMG. Your shoes are so freaking pretty, I want them. And the pants are just brilliant, love how you've paired the look!


  7. @Candyvioleta : Thank youu so much love! <3
    @Sujala : Thank you so muchh! And your blog is amazing :) Loved ALL your absolutely delish baking experiments :D
    @Priyanka : Thanks a lot sweetie! :D
    @Stylish by Nature : Thank you so much! :)
    @Suniti : I love them too :D Thank youu :*
    @Sonshu : Thank you so much dear! :*

  8. Poorvaaaa!
    Loved the entire post! Specially the last picture!
    Shoes: *_*
    New Post-

  9. hey poorva, loved the feline outfit, esp the cobalt blue accents :)
    do visit my blog and maybe we can follow each other if u like

  10. Thank youu so much Madhumita and Ashy! :)


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