Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Notoriously heeled.

For this post, I moved to a rather strong look. Almost androgynous, with the broad-shouldered pussy-bow shirt. The rest of the outfit wanted to balance itself, and therefore remained feminine. 

** Blooper timee! **


Outfit : Splash, French Connection
Clutch : Splash
Rings : Forever21
Heels : Zara
Earrings (not visible) : Accessorize

We all know this one someone to whom we'd want to say "For the love of God, let's not discuss fashion." 

No. Just don't.

It's so annoying piteous to see someone flaunt their bland sense of style, while you meekly try to convince them about a color blocked or asymmetric dress they disliked, and therefore fail without even trying. Oh come on. The very thought of not being able to share the feeling for a beautiful sequined dress or a neon blazer is SO painfully disturbing.

Doesn't everyone know this one amusing, fashionable person who isn't really one? Haha. ;)

Hey! YES, sometimes I do have little things like these to rant about!

And I'm currently finding the electric blue Zara pair dangerously addictive.

What's your newest shoe fetish?


  1. I love the blouse so much - Your take on androgeny is so refreshing :) & yes, we all know 'that' one person ;)

  2. Thank you so much @Dayle :*
    @Shalini thank you so much! :D <3

  3. ooh poorva, the skirt is a killer! loved the bridy blouse too :)
    following u on GFC, follow me bac if u like.

    P.S. nice to knw ur from pune, that was my second home. Mumbai is the first!

  4. That blouse is so pretty and silhouette is just perfect for you...love the pop of color put in with heels.
    good day. :)

  5. poorva you've done awesome styling here ... shirt is fresh and cute . . and the heels are to die for <3

  6. Thank you Ashy, glad to know you're a Puneite :D
    Sandhyaa and Rashmi thanks a ton!:) :)

  7. hey! love the shirt! have a similar one in a darker shade :)
    where do you get forever21 stuff from? there is a store in delhi but do you have any idea where can I get in bombay? the site says shipping only to USA :(

    1. Hi Neerja, thank you :)
      And unfortunately forever21 does not ship to India. :( I had ordered forever21 products through a friend going abroad. Delhi is the only place in India where you can get forever21. :(


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