Saturday, 7 July 2012

Randomness Captured.

Pink. Overwhelmingly powerful, dangerously pretty.

A lot of perky pink in my closet huh?

Contrast. The grey stone-hard road, the soft saffron petals.

Colour blocking much? A stretch of flowers over a valley.

This bling fetish is going to one day devour me like a kid eating cake.

Unfathomable attraction. Evening at the beach. Not the best idea when i need to get home early.

Vacation. Mildly tanned feet and snakeskin print shoes.

Gifts from Rajasthan. I always accept gifts. :)
A few pictures from the Instagram randomness. Follow Style Spectrum on Instagram? Click here.

Btw, the rains are finally here! Can't wear my favourite shoes, can't shoot much, but hey, the weather's doing everything to take my mind off that!


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