Saturday, 10 November 2012

Priceless possessions

While you may have a wardrobe overflowing with everything that has caught your eye and obsession, there are other things that just cannot be superseded by anything else. Mom's old sunglasses, or childhood stationery given a face-lift - there's something about those old, infinitesimal possessions that is priceless; irreplaceable.

These shades, stolen from mom (she no longer uses them); they're over 25 years old, still intact, and now they're mine.

An old pencil case I discovered while tidying up my room. Now using to store my frequently used eye pencils, lip pencils and brushes. Effortless.

An old, empty notebook from childhood. Because sometimes you never want to use things you find beautiful, for the fear of messing them up.

Old crockery. I'm not even sure how old this is, and i have just two of these. On a secret mission of finding the rest; these i need for my (new) jewelry cabinet.

"Surmedani". Gift from a friend, bought from Delhi. One can get these anywhere, but nothing matches a souvenir that speaks of its origin.

Bonus. Chambor Powder Matte in Orange Falmbe. My favorite orange lipstick, overdone, overused. Perfect for the Indian skin. Nothing matches the sublimity of the rich matte orange.

My favorite part of the year is finally here. Will be making the most of this fall-winter - chilly mornings, delicious sun, ice cold breeze; there is so much to savor!

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  1. Loved the use of the pencil case Poorva.. Am sure am gonna do the same..



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