Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Grande Roue

Recently, i visited this inconspicuous little fair held in a region of Pune; the venue rather surprised me. Anyhow, curious, i decided "let's!"

Little stalls were dancing with emerging lights, green, red and yellow. Stall vendors had something special to offer, little knick-knacks from whatever lands they came from.

Those glass bead earrings were tempting little devils. They costed only a mere 15 inr. Yes, pretty things indeed come in small packages.

The stall vendors were more than excited to let me go clickety-click at their stalls. Sweet! No? :)

Bought this lime green-blood red necklace at one of the stalls. I did not have even the slightest idea that it would cost me a donut. @ 60 inr.

As if the ride didn't look scary enough, the Ferris wheel had no safety locks! Now that's what we call an adventure ride.

My camera wasn't too happy with the fair and refused to cooperate. So the next picture i could click was after i got back to repair my moody camera. 
Here, Mr. Pigeon, relishing the rain.


  1. you camera takes pretty pics when unhappy :) :)
    nostalgic looking . . i liked the post

  2. Hey Poorva.. I am from Pune too.. :) Glad to meet someone from the same region here in the blogworld. Where was this fair held in Pune??

    Do visit my blog at

  3. And oh!!! I follow you through GFC now... :)

  4. @Rashmi thank you so much :)
    @Soumya hi! Glad to meet a Puneite too! The fair was held at Kalyani Nagar. Do visit the rides! :D
    And thanks for following! :)

  5. wow, this looks like a jewelry haven! i loved the green necklace, its such a grt stmt piece..

  6. Great post !

    Love your style and see you as such as good inspiration :) !

    I'm an instant follower of you now :)

    Please feel free to check out my blog if you have the time




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